Leica Leitz-Park Exhibition

Creative Concept, User Interface Design

Leica Leitz-Park Exhibition


CLIENT  Leica Camera AG
AGENCY  Neteye GmbH
ROLE  UI Design / Creative Concept

Digital exhibition concept for the new Leica headquarter in Wetzlar/Germany. Presenting the past hundred years of Leica product and brand history, the exhibition also reveals a closer look into production techniques and explains basics about optical devices and their lenses. Furthermore it introduces the people and their work within the world of Leica.

Camera assembly

The production showroom

In this special showroom, the exhibition visitor is able to watch certain steps of the lens production as well as the optics and camera assembly. Each manufacturing step has its own digital touchpoint that interactively provides additional information to the actual working process behind the glass right in front of the user.

Image above
The image shows the entire camera assembly line on six touch screens giving information about the single steps of the assembly using text, images and video.

Images below
The lens production is the first of the three manufacturing steps mentioned above. One receives information about the process by „Minority Report“-like interactions right on the glass that separates the user from the production facility.

Lens production

The touch screen terminals

The major amount of exhibition content is displayed on numerous 24″ touch screen stands widely spread across the exhibition area.

The catalog holds information to every single item, no matter if it is a camera, a sport optics product, a photo, or other exhibit. Every item has its unique code that leads to the specific information on the screen by typing the code on a number pad within the application.

Product evolution
The application shows all cameras from the legendary “Ur-Leica” (1914) until todays models, like the new “Leica T”.

The Timeline explains all Leica milestones and even a lot of events in-between.

Location map
The map helps the visitor finding his way around the building and offers additional information about special events happening anywhere in the Leitz-Park area.

For contents like videos that require audio, the stands are equipped with a handheld speaker to avoid disturbing noise around the display.

Product evolution app
Location Map

The smart glass

The “Manufaktur” is the place where Leica cameras get customized, e. g. with special types of leather or engraved signatures.

This area of the production process is hidden behind “smart glass”, which is translucent per default, but can be switched transparent by electronic signals. After providing his email address, the visitor gets an exclusive 30 seconds view through the glass right into the “Manufaktur” room.

Translucent state
30 sec. see through

The videos show a 3D walkthrough and the opening of the Leitz-Park.

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